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CCW class Initial/Renewal

890 Cottonwood Ln, Fernley, NV 89408, USA

Steven Carrera


21+ Only, Class


$100-General, $75-Military/LEO, $50-Renewals

Age Range:


June 15, 2024
8:30 AM


6:00 PM


January 1, 1970


Come join us to obtain your Nevada Concealed Carry Permit! In our class you will learn: Basic Firearm Knowledge and safe handling of firearms. Ammunition knowledge and safe handling of ammunition. Storage and child proofing firearms. Handgun shooting techniques and positions. Laws pertaining to the use of Firearms in the State of Nevada and the County in which your application is submitted. The use of deadly force, the force continuum, civil and criminal liability. Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation. How to fire your firearm. Range safety. We also go over all NRS’ required by the State as well as additional NRS’ that person to firearms! We will then go to a private range and you will get to qualify with your firearm.


In person at store or visit our Facebook


Eye and ear protection is a MUST.
Handgun of your choice (any caliber) If you do not have a handgun let us know for use of our rentals.
Speed loader, extra magazine (only if you need them, not required)
Holster (if you have one)
Driver's License
Payment or receipt for class
60 rounds minimum of the caliber of ammo you are going to shoot. 30 rounds ae required to qualify and 30 rounds as back up. (NO RELOADS)
Dress for the weather, we shot in all weather conditions.
No firearms or ammo in the classroom. We can store them for you during the class.
We will have a lunch break around noon for one hour.


Please contact host/organizer of event for possible sponsorship opportunities

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