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AR-15 Fundamentals

890 Cottonwood Ln, Fernley, NV 89408, USA

Steven Carrera


18+ Only, Class



Age Range:


July 14, 2024
9:00 AM


3:00 PM


January 1, 1970


This curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to handle defensive shooting situations with the AR platform safely and effectively. While specific details may vary depending on the instructor and course level.

1. Introduction to the AR-15: - Overview of the AR-15 platform and its components.



2. Safety and Handling:

- Basic firearm safety rules and range etiquette.

- Safe handling and proper storage of the AR-15.


3. Nomenclature and Functionality:

- Identification of major parts and their functions.

- Field-stripping and cleaning procedures.

- Basic maintenance and lubrication.


4. Shooting Fundamentals:

- Proper stance, grip, and body position.

- Sight alignment and sight picture.

- Trigger control and follow-through.

- Breath control and natural point of aim.


5. Shooting Drills and Practical Application:

- Engaging multiple targets.

- Rapid target acquisition and engagement.

- Balance of speed and precision.


6. Reloading and Manipulation:

- Magazine changes and tactical reloading.

- Shooting on the move and transitioning between targets.


7. Shooting Range Exercises:

- Live-fire exercises to reinforce the learned skills.

- Controlled shooting drills to improve accuracy and speed.


Call, Come in the store, or follow registration link


Rifle/Carbine (NOTE: This class is specific to the AR15 platform. AK’s, bullpups, and other platforms are not accepted)

Slings are required. 2-point slings are preferred

AR’s must have an optic or iron sights.

500 rounds of ammunition; more is recommended if possible.

3 magazines

1-2 magazine pouches (not necessary, but helpful)

Appropriate range attire (long pants, closed toed shoes, brimmed hat, thick belt)

Eye and ear protection

Note-taking materials (notebook, pen, etc)

Range Bag

Rain Gear

Snacks and water or other means of rehydrating, (quick easy to eat brain fueling snacks recommended)


Please contact host/organizer of event for possible sponsorship opportunities

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